Ever thought of jumping rope?

Hi there. I’m a big fan of short but intense workouts, which I can do wherever and whenever I want. It is far easier to motivate yourself for 20-30 minutes workout and you will more likely do it every day, since it doesn’t take so much time. Like I said before, the only rule is: YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT ALL in that short time, if not it won’t bring any results.

I remember I was great at jumping rope, in elementary school. And that’s what many people think: jump rope is for kids! A few weeks ago I thought; well let’s give it a try. I don’t have any fancy workout equipment at home and honestly, I don’t want to buy any. I like to be able to do workouts everywhere, whenever I want without having to rely on my weight station at home. I have a stationary bike, but working out on that gets so boring after time. So, I thought about what else I could do.
Jumping rope was an alternative. You can buy a professional jump rope for little money, but I found a piece of rope in the garage that would do the job just as fine.

What muscles groups does jump rope target?

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The answer is just about every muscle in the body. I think it works muscles that rarely get used. I did 10 minutes and I was exhausted! Seriously. I can run for 30 minutes without problems or sit on my bike for 45 minutes, but jumping rope is just another level. If you think you’re targeting only your legs, than think again. When you’re jumping rope, you use almost every muscle in your body: your arms, shoulder muscles, legs, calf muscles and abs. Apart from that it is challenging because it’s a lot about coordination and balance. Your abs have to stabilize your entire body as it propels through the air and in fact, if you are really trying to get ripped abs, jumping rope will help big-time.


Jumping Rope Helps Release Your Fat Burning Hormone (HGH).

HGH is a hormone that your body releases naturally, which burns body fat like crazy. Increasing your natural level of HGH in your body is your quickest route to burning body fat. Unfortunately, low intensity cardio won’t assist your body in releasing HGH. The proven way to increase HGH is to alternate high intensity cardio for 30 seconds followed by 30-60 seconds of rest…this is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


How to Get The Correct Adjustment on Your Jump Rope

  • Place Your Jump Rope on the Ground
  • Stand on the Midpoint of the Rope (an equal distance between the handles)
  • Grasp the Handles and Pull them to Your Chest While Standing on the Rope
  • The Top of the Handles Should Reach About 6 Inches Below the Collar Bone (not as high as the collar bone or as low as the upper abs…If in doubt, go a bit too long and shorten the rope a bit as you get more experienced)

Learning the Skill of Jumping Rope, Your First Two Weeks of the Program

Most beginners “double bounce” in between rotations. This actually allows them to rest their core a bit as well as their calf muscles in between rotations and means that they have a low level of core fitness. You will want to jump cleanly in between each rotation and keep the abs and core tight.

jumping rope

Your arms should barely move when you jump rope. The rotation of the rope should come from wrist movement. If you want to increase the speed of the rotations, simply increase the tightness of the circles that your wrist is making (this will make more sense when you start jumping rope). The goal of your first two weeks of jumping rope is to eventually work up to a point where you can jump rope for 5 minutes solid without having to stop and start again. This means that if you have to stop because the rope hits your feet, you have to start again from zero. You also want to be able to jump rope alternating feet, so it looks like you are running while jumping rope. (http://fitnessblackbook.com/workout-routines/a-jump-rope-workout-that-burns-belly-fat/)


This is a great cardio workout using a jump rope. One of my favorites.. and really challenging! Let the fat burn!




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